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Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Segara Anak Lake Without a doubt, Rinjani Mountain emerges as one of Lombok Island's greatest charms. In addition to being an ideal location for trekking, the mountain has other fantastic features, such as the well-known Segara Anak Lake. Actually, the name means "Anak Laut," or the child of the sea. For what reason is that the case? The distinctive color of the water, which resembles the sea, gave rise to the moniker given by the locals. In addition to its distinctiveness, the lake's serene ambience contributes to its popularity. This explains why the majority of guests would probably unwind after reaching the lake. There is also a lot of photographs on the website.

The Differenc
It is true that traveling to the lake requires a significant amount of endurance because it is located 2000 meters above sea level. Because of this, Segara Anak is one of the country's highest lakes, making it a popular destination for hikers and leisure seekers both. As was already noted, the lake's water is a similar color to the sea, and it too has a serene appearance. There is a little volcano with a spectacular aspect in the center of the lake.

A Visit to Segara Anak Lake
Segara Anak Lake is renowned for more than only its aesthetics; it's also known for its past. The lake's mystical significance has allowed the Sasak Tribe, the inhabitants, to incorporate it into their culture. It makes sense—some of them are frequently spotted there carrying out a customary rite. The lake's ownership of a myth about the perspectives of its guests is the next significant fact. According to legend, people who believe it to be a large lake would be blessed with long life, and vice versa.

To learn more about the lake's mythology and history, visitors can either hire a local guide or ask around for information from the locals. What comes next? After learning about its past, you should visit Segara Anak Lake. Fishing is by far the most exciting pastime to try first. As long as they don't harm the environment, anyone can enjoy it. In addition, visitors are permitted to bring their own caught fish because the fishery is thriving!

The cave formations that surround Segara Anak Lake are its next charming feature. These consist of Susu Cave, Payung, and Manik. But because the lake is so large—roughly 1,100 hectares—getting around it takes some time. It is around 230 meters deep! This is the advice. Ensure that you get at the lake before midday. If not, the temperature rises to an unpleasant level.

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