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Rinjani Geopark, a UNESCO-recognized Tourist Site of Lombok Island

Rinjani Geopark, a UNESCO-recognized Tourist Site of Lombok Island

Rinjani Geopark Rinjani Geopark is an area that has been recognised by UNESCO as part of Indonesia's geopark. Located on Lombok Island, this geopark occupies the area of Mount Rinjani which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The status of Rinjani Lombok Geopark as a member of the Global Network was officially announced on April 12, 2018.

It is located in several regions, including North Lombok district, Central Lombok District, West Lombok District, East Lombok County, and the city of Mataram.

Recognition as a Mount Rinjani Geopark has resulted in the Indonesian government designating it as a National Park. This means all activities in the area are strictly regulated, and access requires permission from the local governments, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan).

Close to the best coffee growers in Lombok, this area is also known as the Rinjani Geopark of Sembalun.

Mount Rinjani is a mountain that has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level. As well as has an area of up to 41,300 hectares that covers the coast of Semeti to the east of Tanjung Ringgit that enters into the Lombok Geopark.

The natural beauty of Mount Rinjani makes it one of the favourite tourist destinations in Lombok. Particularly for the lovers of climbing activities must make Mount Rinijani one of those mountains that are on the list of hiking.

Apart from being famous for mountain climbing, Rinjani Lombok Geopark also offers a pretty beautiful and stunning nature panorama. In addition to the diversity of fauna and flora that has been preserved to this day. Everything can be on vacation to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

By establishing the area of Mount Rinjani as a tourist destination, making the tourists who come to visit Lombok can make the Rinjan Geopark a destination of choice. Because there will be a lot of things to do and give the best experience by enjoying the beauty of the panoramic nature that is still very authentic.

The unique thing to enjoy when visiting Rinjani Lombok Geopark is the lake that is formed as a result of volcanic processes. The name of the lake is Lake Segara Anak which is located at an altitude of 2010 meters above sea level (MDPL).

Just to be able to enjoy the beautiful Lake Segara Anak with its clear blue-blue waters. Tourists have to climb about 2,000 meters, but it's usually more done by climbers who want to go to the top of Rinjani.

There is still a diversity of flora and fauna that can be if you do not want to climb Mount Rinjani. By continuing to tour the Geopark that is managed by the local community around and supported with government assistance.

The United National Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is an international body whose mission is to create peace through knowledge, culture, and education.

In 2004, UNESCO formed an organization called the Global Geopark Network. (GGN). The purpose of the organization's creation is to protect the geological heritage of every country in the world, whereas for the Geopark itself it has the purpose of digging, appreciating and developing such a geologic heritage as is the Bioma Conservation.

Indonesia, which is famous for its islands and its beautiful nature and diversity of flora, fauna, and culture, has made the government begin to see the potential that exists in some of the regions of Indonesia to be listed on UNESCO.

One of the geoparks registered is the geographical area of Mount Rinjani. Because it has elements of geological heritage. With its listing the UNESCO geopark rinjani makes national parks or geological parks that are in this area have strong legality rules to continue to be preserved.

That is the explanation of Rinjani Lombok Geopark which is a top tourist site that can be said not to be missed when vacationing to this island.

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