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7 typical Lombok culinary delights

7 typical Lombok culinary delights

Lombok is one of Indonesia's iconic coastal destinations which holds a variety of Indonesian culinary heritage. Not only that, there are also Super Priority Destinations located in Central Lombok. Yes, especially if it's not Mandalika! When you stop here you can explore the natural charm of the archipelago which is a feast for the eyes, starting from white sandy beaches, exercising in the fresh air and beautiful nature, to stopping by the Mandalika International Street Circuit which will be the location for the world-class motorbike racing event, MotoGP.

A trip to Mandalika would be less exciting without the presence of its typical culinary delights. Very fitting! In Mandalika, you will be treated to culinary specialties from Super Priority Destinations which have even become a global list of Indonesian culinary delights! Are you curious about what's going on?

Come on, see the complete explanation below!

1. Satay Bulayak
Satay Bulayak

If you stop by here, you must taste the delicious combination of spices in pieces of beef served in a culinary dish called Satay Bulayak. This satay is different from most other satays because the Bulayak satay seasoning is made from roasted peanuts cooked with coconut milk, so the taste resembles curry spices. What's more unique is that the lontong served with typical Lombok bulayak satay is wrapped in palm leaves. Sounds very authentic, right?

2. Ayam Taliwang
Ayam Taliwang

For spicy food lovers, you will definitely be familiar with this West Nusa Tenggara specialty chicken dish. That's right, Ayam Taliwang! The culinary delights of chicken combined with traditional spices, which is one of Indonesia's world-known culinary delights, always satisfies the taste buds. The combination of sweet and spicy flavors with lots of spices will successfully make anyone fall in love with the delicious dish of Ayam Taliwang and warm white rice.

It's so delicious, tourists from abroad really like this Indonesian cuisine and have made it one of Indonesia's world-famous culinary delights, you know!

3. Sayur Ares
Sayur Ares

Apart from young bamboo stems, aka bamboo shoots, which can be processed into delicious vegetables, banana stems can also be transformed into delicious dishes by the people of Lombok! This food is called Sayur Ares. Vegetables cooked from midribs (young banana stems) with red spiced coconut milk and chicken bones or meat. This vegetable has another name, jukut ares, and is often eaten during the rainy season to warm the body.

4. Ayam Rarang
Ayam Rarang

Apart from Ayam Taliwang, there are also other spicy chicken preparations that are no less tempting, namely Ayam Rarang. Ayam Rarang has a spicy seasoning made from fried chili sauce which is called plecing spice by local people. With a blush red color, the taste of the Rarang chicken is even more delicious because the type of chicken chosen is free-range chicken.

5. Nasi Balap Puyung
Nasi Balap Puyung

Like the typical Javanese cat rice or rice rames, Lombok also has its own typical rice dish, namely Nasi Balap Puyung. Nasi Balap Puyung or also known as Nasi Puyung is a dish made from white rice with fried chicken, shredded spicy shredded meat, chili sauce, fried soybeans, grated coconut, and stir-fried vegetables in the form of long beans or green beans as side dishes. It's perfect as a breakfast menu or to satisfy your hunger at night!

6. Pelecing Kangkung
Pelecing Kangkung

Is there Plecing Kangkung in Lombok? You didn't read it wrong. Apart from Bali, Lombok is also famous for its spicy and appetizing Plecing Kangkung. Plecing kangkung Lombok has a special characteristic in that its main ingredients include bean sprouts and grated young coconut with spicy seasoning on top. This is different from the Balinese plecing kangkung which does not require the use of bean sprouts and no grated coconut on top.

Usually plecing kangkung in Lombok is served with chicken taliwang, while Balinese plecing kangkung is served with chicken betutu.

7. Sambal Beberuk Terung
Sambal Beberuk Terung

It doesn't stop there, it turns out that one of the Super Priority Destinations also has a unique chili sauce, namely Sambal Beberuk Terung. What's interesting about this chili sauce is that the composition of the ingredients consists of fresh vegetables, such as round pieces of eggplant, tomatoes and long beans with a splash of spicy red chili sauce. The most delicious way to enjoy Sambal Beberuk Terung is to eat it with taliwang chicken or seafood dishes.

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