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Penimbungan Waterfall on Mount Rinjani

Penimbungan Waterfall on Mount Rinjani

Penimbungan Waterfall Penimbungan Waterfall is a very beautiful and charming waterfall located on Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia.

You can enjoy this beauty waterfall if you climbs Mount Rinjani and passes the Torean hiking trail, you can take the 3D2N tour from Sembalun to Torean and vice versa.

The height of this waterfall reaches approximately 100 meters. Penimbungan is the highest waterfall in Lombok whose beauty can only be enjoyed from a distance.

Well, climbers are even advised not to approach the location of this waterfall directly, because the terrain is steep and slippery. To be able to enjoy this beautiful rare sight, Travelers must take the route from Torean.

This is a favorite route for climbers of Mount Rinjani. The Torean route is also commonly passed by pilgrims who carry out their religious rituals in Segara Anak and in hot springs.

This Penimbungan Waterfall is also known as the Torean Penimbungan Waterfall which is located on the northern slope of Mount Rinjani.

By having a high enough water level, making the swift discharge of water hitting the pool below is quite fast.

Often around the fall of water creates fog. Uniquely, enjoying the beauty of this waterfall can be seen from above the White River Valley. The water in Penimbungan Waterfall comes from Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani, so it is not surprising that the color of the water is very harmonious.

This waterfall is flanked by towering steep cliffs so that it often causes a roar. When the air begins to cool, a thin mist usually covers the bottom of this Penimbungan Waterfall.

This waterfall is one of the sights that entertains climbers, in the midst of a break from climbing. Its location can be found at an altitude of 1,156 meters above sea level via a 2-hour drive from Torean Hamlet in the Sembalun Sub-district.

Dimly from a distance, climbers can see the bottom of the pool where this waterfall falls, which is green with a mist effect around it. Its location in the middle of a greenish mountain siege adds to the beauty of the scenery. Absolutely stunning and very beautiful. Travelers will be amazed even if they see it from a distance.

The location of the Penimbungan Waterfall is in Sajang Village, Sembalun District, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

The Torean route taken during the ascent to Mount Rinjani while enjoying the beauty of this waterfall is said to be an unofficial route with the steepest terrain.

So to climb there, climbers are required to have a special permit from the Mount Rinjani National Park. It becomes a challenge in itself if climbers pass this route. Moreover, this route really offers something very special and memorable, namely stunning natural scenery such as this Penimbungan Waterfall.

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