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How can I travel to Mount Rinjani?

How can I travel to Mount Rinjani?

A common question is how to go to Mount Rinjani. There are only two main roads in Lombok: one leads up the west side of the island to Senaru, while the other leads up the east side to Sembalun. If you are already on the island, visiting Mount Rinjani is fairly easy. To get to the starting point of the journey, several trekking companies provide transportation. You should budget extra if you are traveling from the airports in Kuta Lombok or Lombok Praya.

You can drive yourself to Senaru or Sembalun if you've rented a scooter, but be mindful because driving laws and regulations in Lombok are less strict than compared to those in other parts of the world. Take a public boat or a speedboat that is privately chartered from the Gili Isles to Bangsal Harbour. From there, you can arrange for a driver to transport you to Senaru, or we can pick you up. On Lombok, public transportation is sporadic and unreliable. Instead of using minibuses, Rinjani Trekking Guide picks up its clients and drives them to Senaru or Sembalun. These have seat belts and air conditioning, so they're comfortable.

Travel times on Lombok Island:

  • Bangsal Harbour to Senaru: 1.5 hours
  • Sengiggi to Senaru: 2 hours
  • Mataram to Senaru: 2.5 hours
  • Lombok Praya International Airport to Senaru: 3 hours
  • Kuta Lombok to Senaru: 3.5 hours

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